Opening A Wine Bar? Two Commercial Insurance Issues To Consider

Posted on: 7 May 2017

When you're opening up a wine bar in your town, you might be focused on serving great snacks and delicious wines. Insurance probably isn't something you want to spend much time concentrating on, but you are likely aware that it's required and could end up being helpful to you if something happens. However, you might not know much about what you'll need to do in order to protect the bar and yourself. These tips could help you be smart about your coverage before and after you buy commercial insurance.

You Ought to Provide Training

Your employees might end up spending as much time in your wine bar as you do; some workers might be there more often than you are. Providing training is a smart idea if you want them to represent you well, but insurance considerations are also a good idea for formal training.

Accidents with wine glasses and other situations where your workers could find themselves getting cuts and other injuries; each time that occurs, you might find yourself facing higher and higher insurance premiums because of workers' compensation claims that you'll have to take care of. Not only that, but your employees should be instructed to behave in a way that keeps patrons safe as well. For instance, they should be taught to clean spills immediately so that tipsy patrons don't slip and notify you immediately about any damage to equipment or the building. Knowing that your employees have been trained to keep themselves and customers safe and notice problems is vital to keeping those policy costs down.

You Should Seek Coverage for Battery and Assault

Even if you think you'll be running the most dignified wine bar in the area and your clients will be upscale, mature individuals, it's always possible that the wine and other drinks you serve could play a role in a disagreement or other interaction that ends up getting physical. While you might not have any fault for the situation, ensuring that your wine bar has sufficient coverage for battery situations and assault situations can provide additional protection. This is particularly important if you employ bouncers or security employees that may need to physically move someone from the establishment.

The decisions you make about your wine bar and resulting insurance implications can be smarter when you know the information detailed here. Talking with an expert in commercial insurance, particularly one familiar with insuring places that serve alcohol, can be helpful as well. For additional information, you will want to check out a company such as North American Brokerage Inc.